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Garage Door Openers Service By Express Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie TX

Garage Door Opener

There is a complex piece of technology, either underneath you or next to you, the modern panel garage door. It could be you take this for granted.  This is a mistake. You should treat your garage doors like your motor vehicle. The garage doors will require routine maintenance and repair, just like a car. One day the doors will lock or worse still, just fall down. Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie Texas are there to assist you.  We can provide a comprehensive repair and maintenance program to keep your garage doors operating properly. There are a number of different interrelated systems and complements that must all work properly together.

One of the most critical systems is the garage door opener. This  comprises of micro electronic, mechanical and electrical elements. Some problems can be very simple. The remote transmitter will not work because it is simply not lined up with the garage door’s photo eye. Maybe some slight damage caused this. We, at Grand Prairie TX, will soon fix this for you.   We are open 24/7 and a skilled technician will get to you the same day.  Any replacement parts can quickly be found.  There will be now “extras” or hidden charges. A garage door opener consists of a trolley, set in a track and an arm which is connected to the garage door panel at the top of the door. The trolley moves, and this will causes the garage doors to open.

 Garage door opener drive

There are two main drive systems. The chain drive uses a chain very similar to a bicycle, connected to the garage door motor. An alternative system uses a belt drive. There are two other variations.  A screw drive and a jackshaft drive system are also used. All mechanical systems are subjected to wear. There may be damage as well, or debris clogging up the drive systems. .A lack of regular lubrication, rusting, and periodic adjustments could build up to cause problems. We, in Grand Prairie TX, can readily sort out any of these problems. Trolleys and all the cogs and components can be replaced if necessary. There is a quick release mechanism. This is part of the trolley. This needs to be checked as it will be needed as a manual over ride if there is a power failure to the main motor.

There are a number of electrical and electronic systems that are also very important. There is a limit switch that will determine the distance the garage door will open or close. The best garage door opener is needed for any modern garage door. Along with remote systems used in modern motor vehicles, there have been a lot of recent advances in the “coding systems” used in remotes to open garage doors. Your garage door could well be your other front door. There maybe an internal door in your garage, which allows access to your house. Therefore, you must be using an up to date system

Best garage door opener

Consequently, you do need the best garage door opener system.  We can provide this at Express Garage Door Repair.  To look further into this.  Apart from your vehicle there may be other valuables in your garage. The panels and the door itself have to be secure. If someone can “hack” into your remote/opener codes, then the garage will not be secure. You will need to update both the remote and opener. New circuits may be needed,  along with a new remote and probable reprogramming. There is a constant “war” going on.  Every time a new technology comes along criminals will do their best to get around it. If you have anything of value in your garage, plus if you can gain access to your property via your garage, then there is no room for complacency. We at Grand Prairie T  can always provide updates to your garage door security. Another very important concern is the main electrical motor. Even is you feel you have the experience

leave this well alone. If there are problems with the main drive motor, then the experts from Grand Prairie TX must be called in. The main garage door must be firmly clamped and made secure. The power to the main motor must also be isolated. In general there are a whole range of different door opener systems on the market.  We can quickly identify the make and type of opener your garage uses. This includes makes such as Chamberlain and Lift Master.

Importent Consideration

Another important consideration for using us at Grand Prairie TX, is that we use Original Equipment Manufactured parts (OEM).  This is good for two reasons.  By buying in bulk, we can get the best parts and components direct from the manufactures. The second point is that each part we use is designed for a particular system, make and type of garage door. We know these parts will last. You might think you can save costs be going online and finding alternative components. To start with these will not be the right components. Also, do you  have the expertise to replace worn garage door components? This is best left to the experts in Grand Prairie TX. There are a number of other important systems that are needed to maintain maximum efficiency in a modern garage door.

Springs and cables are essential for counterbalancing and helping the garage door panels to lift up and down. The opener motor does not have enough power to do the lifting and moving by itself. However, both torsion and extension springs have a limited “life” span. They “work harden” every time the garage door moves up and down. This is called a “cycle”. The life span of a garage door spring is 10,000 cycles. This is reached in only three years, if a garage door is used 8 times a day. For a commercial or heavily used domestic garage door, it would make good sense to get in contact with us in Grand Prairie TX